The photos on this page offer examples of the activities employed by the preschool program at the Oxford Early Childhood Center, following the innovative approach embedded in the OECC Integrated Curriculum.


Parachute Play on a Beautiful Spring Day!


Busy playing and learning.
Counting some of the money collected to donate to the local Family Resource Center. There was lots to count!
J is for Jaguar
Playing office
Aarrgh matey! Pirate starts with P!
Reading together
This is a map that shows the school and our neighbors
Art Smart summer fun!
This makes big spiral designs, but you have to work as a team!
Wow! How long do you think it took her to draw all of those little squares?
These kids are working together as a team to make an elephant sculpture.
This is a nature-art sculpture made of sticks, leaves, and branches. Can you see that it is a dragon?
Displaying your work is important! Here are some mini-oil paintings, spin-art, and paper sculpture collages.
These framed paintings look great!
Some of the fun and interesting activities in the OECC Integrated Curriculum:






Everyone LOVES blowing bubbles!
A teddy bear picnic, complete with teddy dancing!
How many feet do you have?




These are rangoli designs for Diwali.
If it is too cold to play outside, stay in and make pictures with ice! Why do you think he is wearing gloves?
Look how many blocks they used! What do you think they made?
Visitors add a lot of fun and learning to a preschool day. The Cincinnati Zoo has many great traveling programs. Look at the photos and see if you can tell what kind of birds the zookeeper brought.









Here are lots of kids having lots of fun! Make up a story for each photo!
Look at the city these kids built! What a busy place!
What is he pretending to be?
What a great job they did on their Lego constructions! What do you think they are?
Water play outside in the summer is a great way to keep cool! What are they playing with? How many kids do you see around the table?


How many slides do you see? What is your favorite thing to do at a playground?


It's always big excitement when the firefighters come to teach about fire safety! Don't worry, there was no fire! One of the kids has something funny on his head--what is it?


Music is lots of fun! Can you imagine what the music sounds like?

What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you like to dance when you hear music? Do you know anyone who can play one of the instruments in the pictures?


These kids are all having fun and working hard!

I'm not sure they fit!


Can you tell what they are painting?
Get ready, get set, slide!

This toddler is working very hard at climbing! She is strong!


Good friends with big smiles!


This preschooler is riding a tricycle, and being safe with a helmet. Does it look like he is having fun?


fire truck

What a fun day!



Trying out an obstacle course. Don't fall!


Dancing and singing and playing and looking at me!


Don't they look like they are ready to work! Can they fix it? Yes they can!


Comin' through!


Making music!